Dan Reeves
Creative Director, Strategist, Writer
Work with Bill, should you have the fortunate opportunity. It is an energizing revelation. I’ve known Bill since the late '80s when we met within the Boston ad community, became fast friends and eventually joined as business partners and creative leaders of ReevesDrake. With our shop sold nearly a decade later in ’98, we ventured on to Bozell together for several years, and then to Mullen briefly in 2001 via Interpublic Group’s acquisition of TrueNorth. We were then pulled in different opportunity directions. That’s the chronology — but the rub is that Bill is a consummate doer and a renaissance man. There are only a handful of people I’ve worked with in my now near 30-year career who can match Bill’s passion for our industry and ability to embrace a challenge. Bill lives to conceive and advance ideas, accelerate momentum and spike the value of whatever he touches. He possesses all the head and heart that our craft requires. And when the heat is on, as it so often is in our industry, there is no one better in the kitchen. True cooks love the kitchen, and Bill is one great cook.
Fred Buro
Chief Marketing Officer, MTR Gaming Group 
As most advertisers, Bill is an extraordinarily creatively capable person. What sets him apart is his core strength and approach, which is to quickly immerse himself into a project, precisely interpret the needs of a client and transcribe those needs into a relevant ad campaign that strikes an emotional chord with a target group to either position a brand or trigger an action. I've worked with Bill on several projects and remain fascinated at his ability to consistently converge the needs of a client with ad-driven results.

Bruce Jewett
Director of Brand Innovations at Double-0 Marketing
Arm Bill with the brand goal, step back and watch the fun and magic appear.
He's a creative visionary with an eye for both strategy and visual appeal. I'd recommend Bill for any creative project.
In fact, is your brand stuck in a rut? If so, enlist Bill's services right away.
Vashti Brotherhood
Owner, Brotherhood Creative Services
When I was first called down to Pierce-Cote to work on Cape Cod Hospital with Bill, I didn't know what to expect. What a wonderful surprise to discover a great guy with an amazing variety of talents! Not only a superb art director with a strong conceptual brain, but he's a wizard with the technology and whipped together beautiful presentations and demos that really brought our thinking to life. Easy to work with and loves sushi almost as much as I do!

None of the work in this portfolio would have been possible without the help and support of my many extremely creative coworkers, employers, clients, vendors and partners. Great creative work is always the result of a highly collaborative effort. I have had the pleasure of many close collaborations with fellow art directors, copy writers, designers, illustrators, web designers, photographers, programmers, TV directors, editors and producers. I would like to thank all of these wonderful talented people for their many important contributions to my work and career — I count you all as friends and comrades in arms: Hank Reeves, Dan Reeves, Jeff Drake, Frank Marmion, John Gatesman, Dave Kwasnick, Matt Axman, Raelin Musuraca, Bill Lipsky, Rich Haeflein, Fred Buro, Richard Pesce, Linda Plowman, Dwight Pritchett, Rob Deaner, Zoot Dwyer, Micheal Brunner, Anne McFadden, Dave Vissat, Scott Morgan, Jose Muniain, Tom Stone, Brian Wood, Alicia Miller, Dan McDougall, Dean Buresh, Leo Savage, Glenn Chaleck, Donald McIntosh, Dick Conforti, Christo, Bill Weems, Bill Cuccinello, Bruce Jewitt, Dax Parise, Rebecca Pierce, Jamie Gallagher, Pat Kane, Dave Riely, Ted Page, Vashti Brotherhood, Jill Trimble, Steve Edson, Peter Stackpole, Brian Heil, Bill Deasy, Peter Reynolds and so many more.