Once the solid number-two grocery chain in western Pennsylvania, SHOP'n SAVE had been losing market share for six consecutive years to competitors like Giant Eagle, Walmart, Target and Whole Foods. Yet, customer surveys told us that SHOP'n SAVE had a very loyal fan base and a number of competitive advantages. Customers said that SHOP‘n SAVE was just the right size — not too big and not too small. They said that SHOP'n SAVE was a more comfortable and convenient place to shop and that the pricing seemed to be right on the mark. Out of this research, I developed the unique positioning platform: "SHOP'n SAVE — just right™. The “just right” position was reinforced in all media and through comprehensive in-store merchandising. SHOP'n SAVE not only ended its six-year decline, but sales actually increased by 6%.

Still images from a two-year series of testimonial TV spots with customers. Each spot featured the classic co-op "donut" format: live action open and close with weekly price-item offers tucked in the middle. 
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